2015 Arkansas e-Link Consortia Broadband RFP

2015 Request for Proposal for Arkansas e-Link Consortia

Interested parties are invited to submit a bid response to this Request for Proposal (RFP) and propose a general contract for the procurement, installation and support of broadband connectivity, managed services, networking equipment and warranties for the Arkansas e-Link Consortium Telehealth Network (e-Link Network), a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Rural Healthcare Connect Fund Consortium HCP#17206.

E-Link Network is applying with the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC), for program support funding through the Rural Healthcare Connect Fund (RHCF). This process requires a RFP to be posted on the USAC Web site for a minimum of 28 days in order for vendors to respond to the RFP.  Arkansas e-Link Consortium Leader will post the RFP beginning November 4, 2015.  http://www.usac.org/rhc/healthcare-connect/tools/search-posted-services/default.aspx

The University of Arkansas Medical Sciences (UAMS) Center for Distance Health (CDH) is the FCC USAC designated Arkansas e-Link Consortium Leader HCP# 33909.

UAMS CDH Arkansas e-Link Consortium Leader (Consortium Leader) supervises the bidding, evaluation and awarding of the contract(s).  Consortium Leader is responsible for any moves/adds/changes/installs/disconnects orders, facilitator for vendor(s) for USAC Form 463 requests for disbursement, and will ensure appropriate monitoring throughout the contract term. Consortium Leader is NOT responsible for collecting vendor payments billed to Arkansas e-Link Consortium Members (hereby referred to as “Consortium Members”). (Refer to Section 2.11)

“Interested Bidders may propose and submit equivalent technologies and services where referenced in this Request For Proposal and in the AR-RFP 2015-0088 Vendor Bid Pricing List for Internet2, Fiber, and Dark Fiber.”  If the information technology product, service or system being offered by the Bidder does not completely meet the RFP Standards, the Bidder must provide an explanation with the RFP response and with the AR-RFP 2015-0088 Vendor Bid Pricing List Spreadsheet detailing the deviation from these standards.

This RFP does not commit the Consortium Leader to pay any cost incurred in the preparation of bids.

Consortium Leader reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive any formalities.

All Bidders must comply with the laws of Arkansas and all rules and regulations of the

FCC USAC RHCF.   http://www.usac.org/rhc/healthcare-connect/default.aspx

Interested Bidder(s) must complete an attached Intent to Bid form and submit it to: UAMS CDH Arkansas e-Link Consortium Leader, Procurement Services Department by November 9, 2015, 2 p.m. Central Standard Time.

All questions must be in written form and will be responded to in writing to all contacts who have completed a letter of intent to bid.

Please email any written questions to attention of Suzanne Leslie, UAMS Director of Procurement Services, LeslieSuzanne@uams.edu Westmark Bldg. 4120 W.  Markham St., Room 111, Mail Slot 542 Little Rock, AR 72205 (physical address) 501-686-6134.

Thank you for your interest in the project to expand broadband and related Telehealth benefits to the citizens of Arkansas.




RFP Documents


Schedule of Events


RFP – Initial Posting USAC/Release Date 11/4/2015
Letter of Intent from Bidder 11/9/2015
Initial Bidder Questions Due 11/16/2015
Pre-Bid Vendor Conference(s) 12/1/2015
Final Bidder Questions Due 12/8/2015
Answers Due to Bidders 12/15/2015
Bidder Proposal Due 2 pm CDT deadline Leader Response to Questions due & Proposals Opened 1/5/2016
Proposals evaluated per RFP 1/13/2016
Recommendation for Award 1/28/2016
Contract Agreement 2/15/2016
Contract Reviewed per 2015 ACT 557 – Approx. 3/15/2016
Contract Finalized 4/4/2016