FCC Healthcare Connect Fund Meeting


Questions and Answers:

If you have questions about the FCC Healthcare Connect fund that were not answered during the meeting, please email them to us at: arkansaselink@uams.edu and we will respond. We will also be posting questions and answers on this webpage so we can share the answers with others in attendance.



Video recording of meeting on Arkansas e-Link migration to FCC Healthcare Connect.

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Arkansas eLink CAI Sessions
Questions and Answers
November 5-7, 2013

Is the pricing per unit/cart?  Yes, per unit connected to the network/per year. Starting July 2014 consortium members will only pay 35% of the annual membership fee.  The Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) will pay the remaining 65%.    Within the next few weeks, each parent organization will get a list of connected units and the cost associated with those units.  Please notify your PM if you find errors or have additional concerns.

I have a clinical cart. Can it also be used for education?Yes.

  • Will Arkansas eLink membership fees be prorated for six months from January to June 2014 before FCC HCF discounts start?Yes.

My sites do a lot of telehealth computer-to-computer sessions right now without using the eLink-provided carts.  If we are not using the cart and do not pay the membership fee, can we still be part of the network? No.  In order to be grant-compliant, the cart(s) and broadband connectivity were provided as a unit.  CAIs cannot keep the connectivity if they do not keep a grant- provided IAV unit at the site receiving broadband.

Will profit received from these membership fees go to UAMS in general?   No.  It is not the intent to make a profit; the goal is to grow this network.  Therefore, all membership fees will go to the consortium to cover expenses.  Fees will not be used for anything other than network sustainability. 

How will I know if my site is eligible for the Healthcare Connect Fund? Go to http://www.usac.org/rhc.  Rules have changed, so a few sites may no longer be eligible.  However, we will submit an application for every BTOP and FCC Rural Pilot site currently in Arkansas eLink.  FCC will then determine eligibility.  We will work closely with each CAI to present a good case to FCC when requesting eligibility.   

Will the same information be presented in the following two sessions? Yes, as convenience for the participants and their schedules.  One of the recorded sessions will be available on our website.

If I’m only using my clinical cart for education, can I just pay the fee for an educational cart?  The purpose of the clinical cart is to provide clinical consultations. If you are only using the unit for educational purposes, we will allow you to pay the educational fee from January 1, 2014, through June 30, 2014.  At the beginning of July 2014, we will contact your organization to see if you have any plans to use this equipment for clinical purpose.  If you do not, but you would like to maintain this unit in hopes of one day doing clinical applications, you will have to pay the clinical membership fee.  If you are unsure of a time when you will need this unit for clinical purposes, we will allow you to continue to pay for an educational membership with the understanding that your clinical unit will be replaced with an educational unit. Once we replace the unit, if you decide to do clinical applications at a later date you will have to purchase or lease a clinical unit.

Pathfinder is doing ICF/DD services at human development centers.  Are they eligible?  The answer is unclear.  We are researching this question with our FCC coach and will let you know once we have clarification.

Should we encourage other organizations to join the network?  Yes.  Fill out Request for Information form found at http://arkansaselink.com/how-to-join-arkansas-e-link/.

If we have other organizations who want to join, can we schedule a meeting with someone from eLink to explain the program? Yes. Please contact your Program Manager or send an email to arkansaselink@uams.edu.

In some parent organizations, some sites are eligible but some are not.  What kind of discounts can we get for ineligible sites?  The answer is unclear.  We are researching this question with our FCC coach and will let you know once we have clarification.

We use our units for clinical and educational purposes.  Which fee will we pay?  If you use the cart for any type of clinical services, i.e. in Emergency Department or patient consultations, you will pay the clinical fee.  If the cart is classified as non-clinical and you use it for education only, you will pay the education fee.