How To Join Arkansas e-Link


Thank you for your interest in joining the Arkansas e-Link Network.

By becoming a member of the network, you will have access to over one thousand endpoints, at various hospitals, clinics, mental health facilities and libraries around the state of Arkansas,  as well as have access to others across the country with HIPAA compliant video conferencing equipment.

As a member you also have 24-7 customer support by our team of 14 Video Network Specialists who will be there to help with any issues you may have.

Membership will also give you the opportunity to join not only services offered by UAMS but our many other partners around the state.

To begin the process, simply click on the image below and complete form and hit the “submit” button on the top right of the page.  To join the Arkansas e-Link Consortium click here.

If you need to update information about your facility click here.

If you have problems please call us at: (501) 686-1280 or email us at: