Telemedicine Call Center Services


Arkansas e-Link offers its members access to a partnering center that provides clinical triage for patients through their providers in any range of clinical issues.  The call center is staffed with nurses who specialize in the triage of patients, while also extending support in facilitation of emergency transports to the nearest, most appropriate hospital.  In some cases, the Call Center can also connect callers to specialists who can offer support through phone and, at times, through interactive video.  The specific deliverables of this service follow:


  • Access to Call Center triage services between the times of 5:00 pm to 8:00 am on Monday-Friday (weekdays) and from Friday 5:00 pm to Monday 8:00 am (weekend).
  • Transcription of triage data taken during the call and subsequent transmission of data to the caller’s associated medical facility.


Call Center Triage / After Hours Access

Option 1: $1,500 monthly for  150 or less incoming calls, then $10 per call for calls beyond the allotted 150 monthly calls

Option 2: $15 per call