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Training Center Sessions

Arkansas e-Link extends a wealth of telemedicine knowledge through The Center for Distance Health. The most impressive aspect of telemedicine is that it eliminates barriers to quality care.

The UAMS Center for Distance Health (CDH) has established a Training Center to serve Arkansas and others developing their telehealth programs. By enabling telehealth access in all rural communities, patients around the globe can seek specialized care no matter their distance from the nearest tertiary center.

The Adam Rule CDH Training Center provides technological assessment and advisement on appropriate telehealth technologies for organizations interested in expanding or establishing telehealth systems. The CDH is able to assist health organizations successfully and efficiently branch into distance health.

Visitors may choose from the below menu of telehealth topics. Each visit is tailored to the needs of the visitor. General overviews are free to participating Arkansas groups; however, there is a fee for in-depth training. Out-of-state groups are also welcome. For a general estimation of the fees, see the price schedule below. Fee is dependent on the detail level and time required to explore the selected topic. The Center for Distance Health offers a free 30-minute telephone or video consultation to aid potential visitors in their decision.

Program Development:

  • Telehealth 101 (SCTRC)
  • Business and Sustainability Billing and Reimbursement
  • Legal and Regulatory Issues


  • General Clinical Program Development
  • ANGELS (Maternal-Fetal Health)
  • Arkansas SAVES (Tele-Stroke)
  • Neonatal and Pediatric Care (Telenursery ANGEL Eye, Genetics)

Telehealth Technology

  • Building Your IT Team
  • Network Design and Maintenance
  • Managing a State-Wide Network
  • Equipment Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Additional Topics

  • Tele-Education – CME
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Clinical Simulation Center

Training Center sessions with 1 to 7 participants for half a day up to two full days. 
Training center can address multiple ideas and programs. 

Training Center Session Costs: 

$800 half-day session

$1,600 for one-day, full session

$2,400 for day-and-a-half session

$3,200 for two-day session

Individualized projects may require custom pricing.


On-Site Training Services

On-Site Training

Arkansas e-Link provides sites with additional interactive video training at their location.  Types of training include peripherals, cart usage, educational opportunities, and use of software.

On-Site Training Costs: 

$625 per site up to 3 hours


Training via Interactive Video (IAV)

Training can also be delivered through remote means by using interactive video equipment, which will connect trainers and the trainees through real-time technologies. Remote training may focus on any of the following topics and more:  Equipment training, medical peripheral devices training, and discussions of successful telemedicine programs and strategies.  Remote training costs are calculated on an hourly basis.

Training via IAV Costs: 

$75 per hour



Please note: ANGELS and Arkansas SAVES services are not included in this menu, as they are currently funded through Arkansas Medicaid.


Once you have made a determination on the type of training service you would like, please click on the menu item on the left side of the page ” How to Join” and fill out the Request for Services form and hit the “submit” button on the top right of the page.  If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact us at:

Arkansas e-Link
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Little Rock, AR 72205
Office: 501-603-1280