Video Conference Scheduling

Arkansas e-Link is pleased to announce a new video conference scheduling platform called e-Link Video Scheduler. This software enables Arkansas e-Link members to schedule their own multi-site video conferences via a web page. Here’s how it works:


1) The member selects a (supervisor-approved) staff member to be the Video Scheduler;

2) The member clicks here to download form, then completes and submits the “Request for Video Scheduler Assignment”;

3) Arkansas e-Link Video staff receives request  and emails the Video Scheduler instructions to access the training modules;

4) The Video Scheduler is asked to complete the training within 10 working days;

5) After completing the training modules, the Video Scheduler clicks on “Certificate”; fills in name, facility name, and date; prints copy for their records; clicks “submit”;

6) When the certificate is received by Arkansas e-Link Video staff, a username and password is emailed to the Video Scheduler within 7 business days.

Click here to view benefits and features of the Arkansas e-Link Scheduling software.